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SEW8KW Electrofusion Machine

  •  SEW8KW  Electrofusion Machine
  •  GBT invert technology GBT invert technology

The SEW8KW electrofusion machine is suitable for welding requirement of various HDPE, PE, PP fittings for the transport of water, gas, sprinkler system, and liquid drainage. This welding machine is applicable to pipe fittings with diameter of 20-450mm, or on customer's request.

Input voltage 3AC380V±20%
Input frequency 45~65Hz
Output voltage 150V
Output power 8KW
Control mode Constant volt/constant current/
Recording number of data 500
Time control precision ≤0.1%
Temperature measuring precision 0.5℃
Data output port Rs232
Packing size(mm) 660*420*580

Main features
1. High-level MCU is used as control core, with abundant parameter setting, measuring and perfect protective function.
2. High brightness liquid crystal display, Chinese and English language operation, man-machine interactive interface.
3. Wide power supply and voltage input, suitable for on-the-spot electric network level
4. High precision control to electric energy and time, insuring welding quality
5. Swiftly output response time when power supply breaks, high stability.
6. With 10 phases programmable welding function, suitable for welding requirement of various fittings
7. Flexible welding parameter input mode: manual input through keyboard or bar code scanning input.
8. Large capacity welding data storage.
9. Optimizing design and SMT welding craftwork, reducing failure rate of whole machine.

Standard Configuration of Electrofusion Machine
1. Carrying suitcase
2. Welding cable (accessory available)
3. Pipe scraper (accessory available)
4. Portable scanner (accessory available)

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