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SJC3000 Plastic Pipe Band Saw

 SJC3000  Plastic Pipe Band Saw

The SJC3000 plastic pipe band saw is designed to cut pipe, suitable for making an elbows, tees, crosses as per specified angel and dimensions of the fittings. The cutting angle: 0-67.5° accurate angle location.

Model SJC3000
Working ranges ≤3000mm
Cutting angle 0 ~ 67.5°
Cutting angle error ≤1°
Line speed 0 ~ 250m/min
Feed speed Adjustable
Working voltage 380V 50Hz
Total power 4.3KW
Weight 15700KG
Volume 1x40"HQ+1x20"GP Container

The plastic pipe band saw is composed of electrical control operation panel, rolling way, cutting system and regular angle device. The cutting system has function of self-inspection and is able to stop automatically in case of saw blade breaks to protect operator's safety.

Comply with 98/37/EC and 73/23/EEC standard.

Accessories of Band Saw (on request)
Cutting blade

Reliability, lower noisy, easy to handle

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