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SHD1600/1000 Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine

 SHD1600/1000  Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine

SHD1600/1000 hydraulic butt fusion welding machine is able to weld pipes and fittings with material PP, PP and PVDF, operation easily and suitable for any complex work condition.

When our SHD1600/1000 hydraulic butt fusion machine welds pipe together with data logger, the welding process is in a semi-automatic way, continuous repeat of the welding cycles and automatic control of preset parameters. Data logger can store up to 1000 welding cycles and sum them into a encrypted EXCEL file. This report can be transferred to a PC/Laptop through a USB port.

Model SHD1600/1000
Pipe size(mm) 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600
Heating plate max. temp. 270 ℃
Temp. deviation in surface(170~250 ℃ ) < ±10 ℃
Pressure adjustable Ranges 0-16Mpa
Working voltage 380V, 50Hz
Heating plate power 42KW
Planing tool power 7.5KW
Hydraulic unit power 3KW
Total power 52.5KW
Weight 16000Kg

Applicable objects for welding

  • Pipe-pipe
  • Pipe-short flange
  • Pipe-short socket fitting
  • Pipe-long socket fitting
  • Fitting-short flange

Standard Components of Butt Fusion Machine
1. A machine body with 4 clamps, 2 hydraulic cylinders with fast non-drip couplings, clamps' tighten hydraulic cylinder
2. An extractable hydraulic unit
3. An extractable heating plate
4. An extractable milling cutter, with safety micro-switch
5. A hydraulic hose with non-drip quick couplings
6. Adapters from Ø 1000mm to 1600 mm

Accessories of Butt Fusion Machine (on request)

  • Basic frame
  • Planing tool
  • Heating plate
  • Complete set of clamp
  • Support for heating plate and planning tool
  • Data logger
  • Aluminum stub end device
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