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SHS110/75 Socket Welder

 SHS110/75  Socket Welder

The SHS110/75 socket welder is mainly used for welding pipes made from PE, PP, PPR, PVDF and PB plastic materials. Allowable sizes range from 75mm to 110mm. The power supply is required to have a voltage of AC220V, a frequency of 50/60Hz, and a power of 1200W.

Model SHS110/75
mould head Φ75,Φ90,Φ110
Working voltage AC220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
T.power 1200W
Max.Temperature of heating plate 320℃
Difference in surface temperature of mould head ±5℃
temperature controller type digital display

The heating unit operates with an adjustable digital temperature controller for precise temperature control.

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