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SHDS160/50A2 Manual Butt Fusion Machine

 SHDS160/50A2  Manual Butt Fusion Machine

SHDS160/50A2 manual butt fusion welding machine is able to weld pipes and fittings with material PE, PP and PVDF, operation easily and suitable for any complex work condition.

1. High efficiency and reasonable design, excellent low cost butt fusion machines for welding work at the factory.
2. Use of high quality aluminum castings as body parts, reducing weight without compromising strength and performance.

Model SHDS160/50A2
Pipe Size(mm) 50,63,75,90,110,125,140,160
Heating Plate Max. Temp 270 ℃
Temp. deviation in surface(170~250 ℃ ) < ±5 ℃
Working Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Heating plate power 1KW
Planing tool Power 0.7KW
Total power 1.7KW
Weight ≈46Kg
Packing Cases 2 Plywood Cases
Volume 0.31CBM

Standard Components of Manual Butt Fusion Machine
1. A machine body with two clamps and two pushing bars
2. An extractable heating plate
3. An extractable milling cutter, with safety micro-switch
4. Adapters from Ø 50mm to 160 mm

Accessories of Manual Butt Fusion Machine (on request)

  • Basic frame
  • Planing tool
  • Heating plate
  • Complete set of clamp
  • Heating plate cable
  • Support for heating plate and planing tool
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